About Us

''Management Certification'' is an official partner of the International Certification Body «QMS CERT» (Greece) and its representative in the Central Asian region and the Caucasus.

We provide international certification services in accordance with the requirements of European Accreditation, which is part of the IAF International Accreditation Forum.

We are also authorized to provide certification services in the National O’zDSt system in accordance with National Accreditation.

In 2014, MANAGEMENT CERTIFICATION SB was accredited by Uzstandard, and in 2019 SB Management Certification received an accreditation certificate (Свидетельство об аккредитации) from SUE CENTER FOR ACCREDITATION and has one of the widest areas of accreditation.

An enterprise that has received the certificate of international ISO standards has numerous advantages:

- improving the image of the company;
- facilitating work with foreign companies, attracting foreign investment;
- access to the international market;
- benefits for obtaining loans;
- tax benefits;
- great advantages over competitors when participating in tenders;
- customer satisfaction; increasing the effectiveness and manageability of activities;
- business process optimization;
- implementation of transparency of the company.

Management Certification is a well-established organization in the market of certification services for management systems.

We work with various companies representing a wide variety of industries and economies.

For us, the size of the enterprise or business is not important, we treat all customers equally responsibly, at the same time finding an individual approach to each.


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